Rude Girls Laser Tattoo Removal

The icool chiller system delivers air that has been chilled to -30 degrees Celsius to provide epidermal skin relief to our customers during the laser tattoo removal process.


Laser tattoo removal uses an Intense pulsed light (IPL) which uses thermal energy to achieve the required results, this is usually uncomfortable for our customers so we have invested in the icool system to make it easier for them and to encourage those people who have always put of having laser tattoo removal because of the pain associated with it.  

Our current customers who have experienced the treatment prior to the arrival of the icool have said :-

"Insane - unbelievable difference"

"Massive difference"

"Really takes the edge off"

"In parts it felt numb and I couldn't feel it all - so much more comfortable"


"Makes a lot of difference"

We believe that their quotes speak for themselves.